Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contest around the Blogosphere!

Today I found three great contests to enter! Take a minute to enter, I promise it pays off. I have won so many things this way. Mommy Blogger contests are the way to go, you actually have very good odds to win.

Mommy Goggles is offering The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo DVD Giveaway! 2 winners! Ends 7/21!

True story when I met my bachelor husband his entire apartment was decked out in Scooby Doo, I kid you not! Even down to sheets and shower curtain...ahahaha! My kids have just discovered Scooby Doo and would love to win this DVD! And we already know my husband loves Scooby Doo as well!

Mom Knows It All is offering The Ultimate Savvy Parent’s Car Kit giveaway! Ends 7/17! This contest has several bonus entries, so enter away! This would make a great baby shower gift!

According to Rachel is offering 2 Free product coupons and a SteakEze Freezer Bag contest, ends July 9th! So hurry the entries are very low!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contests around the Blogosphere!!!

Today I entered a contest on Deal Seeking Mom! The contest is for:
* Coleman RoadTrip LE Grill
* Crisco Original No-Stick Cooking Spray
* Crisco Olive Oil Spray
* Crisco Butter Flavor No-Stick Cooking Spray
* Crisco Reusable Shopping Bag
* Crisco Grilling Tongs
* Crisco Hot Pad
* Crisco Basting Brush
It has very high entries, but hey if you are the lucky one this prize pack would be worth it to take a few minutes to enter!

Next week I will be hosting a contest of my own for County Bob's All Purpose Sauce! Can't wait!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Tutorial!

For my Son's 2nd Birthday we had a themed Mickey Mouse party! I love making cupcakes so I looked for a Mickey Mouse cupcake idea, surprisingly there wasn't much online to be found. So I created my own and wanted to share with you how I did it!

What you will need: Melting Chocolate, (White and dark or milk chocolate), Chocolate doughnuts, Mini Oreo's, Mini Choc. chips, toothpicks, sugar, food coloring, cake mix, frosting, egg carton or styrofoam, wax paper, cupcake liners, red gel decorating tube, and straws.

It also helps to have a wonderful Mother in Law to come help you!
Take the toothpicks add a little frosting to the end and place into the mini Oreo. Stick in freezer to secure before you dip in the chocolate. Melt your dark or milk chocolate in a bowl large enough to get your hand into.
After maybe 15 20 minutes take out of the freezer and dip into your melting chocolate. My mother in law used a shaking method like she does when she makes truffles to smooth out the chocolate.
Place into your styrofoam or egg carton to dry.

Next lay out your wax paper. Take your chocolate doughnuts and dip halfway into the dark or milk chocolate. I placed a butter knife in the back of mine so I wouldn't drop it in when I dipped it. By the way I had to reheat my chocolate several times when doing this process to make sure it went on smoothly. Let dry.

Repeat the process with the white chocolate, but before it dries take your straw and get some white chocolate on the end to use like a paint brush. You are going to make a heart shape on top of the line. And before that dries add your mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Let dry.

Use another straw dipped in chocolate for the nose.

Add red gel piping for the mouth.

Add a few drops of food coloring to a small bag of sugar. Then mix it up with your hands until the color is evenly distributed. If the color isn't bright enough add more food coloring until the color is the way you want it.

Take your cupcakes and frost them.

Imidiatly after frosting dip your cupcake in the sugar so it will stick. You can use one color or make a tye dyed effect by using multiple colors! Get creative!

Put a little frosting to the back of your Mickey doughnut and stick on top of the cupcake, add the ears and your done!

I think these turned out super cute and look how happy my little Braden was on his 2nd Birthday! :)

140 Free address labels from Vista Print!

Free address labels again! I love designing and making my own labels. Vista Print has all different layouts some easy (just type your info in and your done) and some harder (create your own characters)! I made characters for all the members of my family and picked my layout, and they were at my door in no time! Everybody compliments me on them, the characters look exactly like my family, it's very cool! Check it out it's free, just pay shipping! I don't know when this deal will end...

Thank you Delightful Chaos for sharing this deal!

Monday, June 14, 2010

BzzAgent Hills Science Diet Review with Doggy Pictures!!!

I am a BzzAgent and was recently accepted in the Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed BzzCampaign! If you don't know about BzzAgent, it's a word of mouth marketing company that connects companies with consumers. I was very excited to be a part of this campaign for my Canine Americans! :)

Before I had my kids, my dogs were my babies! They were spoiled rotten with lots of attention. And sadly I have to admit after I had kids I neglected my dogs. We moved in with my mom while we remodeled our house to sell and that is where the problem started. My mom had a beagle and unfortunately him and my dog Rowdy had an aggression over the food. So my dog would hoard the food and over eat. He is now so obese it's sad. I thought the problem would fix itself once we no longer lived with my mom and her dog. But he has lost no weight and it's almost been a year. After taking him to the vet I asked several questions on how to get him to a healthier weight. My vet did not recommend any special food but advised me the amount that he received was key to fixing this problem. The timing of being involved in this campaign was perfect, because with a new food gave us a chance for a new start.
Here is my dog Rowdy enjoying the new Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Dog food!

My other dog Sammy really appreciates the small sized bites. And even though her health is in good shape I always wondered about the nutrition she was getting from her old dog food.

Here is information about Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed dog food:

Precisely balanced nutrition
Does your dog's food truly fit his needs? New Hill's® Science Diet® Small & Toy Breed dog food offers precisely balanced nutrition for the unique nutrition requirements of the little dog who's a big part of your life.

Supports long life expectancy
Hill's® Science Diet® pet food is the only brand with an exclusive blend of clinically proven antioxidants, designed to boost immune defenses and support the long life expectancy of small and toy breed dogs. So your dog can enjoy life to the fullest, for a long time to come!

Formulated for every life stage
Unlike some other small and toy breed dog foods, Hill's® Science Diet® Small & Toy Breed offers unique formulas to support your pet through all of his life stages: Puppy (0 – 1), Adult (1 – 6) and Mature Adult (7+). No wonder Hill's® Science Diet® pet food is vets' #1 choice when it comes to feeding their own pets!

Hills is so sure of their Dog food they offer a 100% money back garantee!

Here are five reasons you should feed your dogs Hills Science Diet Brand Pet food:

1. To create the highest quality pet food and benefit your pet's health, Hill's employs more than 150 veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists
2. Hill's offers the largest portfolio of premium products to meet your pet's special needs at every stage of life
3. Science Diet dry foods include clinically proven antioxidants to help promote a healthy immune system
4. Hill's has an ongoing commitment to helping shelter pets, as evidenced by its donation of over 100 million dollars' worth of food to over 1,100 shelters since 2002
5. Science Diet is veterinarians' #1 choice to feed their own pets

The truth is I can't say this dog food will be the answer to all my dogs problems, but so far it has been a great start to the road to recovery. The dogs enjoy it, they get excited when it's time to eat, and they seem to have an easier time chewing the small bites. I am happy with this product and hopefully in the future I will see the benefits of the nutrition. One bag might be too soon to tell. However I can tell you I will be purchasing a second bag!

Disclaimer: I received a BzzKit which included a free coupon for a bag of Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed dog food, and several coupons to pass out to my friends and family! All my opinions are 100% honest and my own (or ones of my dogs) ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Covergirl Review with Pictures!!!

I am a BzzAgent member and was recently selected to participate in the Covergirl Blast BzzCampaign! If you don't know about BzzAgent it is a website that connects consumers and brands to test out new products and spread the bzz!

Since my sister Hannah was visiting I thought what better than to use her as my test dummy! Haha just kidding. I really wanted to use her because between the two of us she got all the good looks! It's ok don't feel bad for me, I'm not bitter...haha!

See what I mean even in her before picture she has eyelashes to kill for!

Here is some information about the CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast

* Easy 2-step eye shadow stick with specially designed applicator tips to easily deliver a colorful smoky eye:
o Step 1: Rounded end for shading the lid
o Step 2: Tapered end for lining the crease and the upper and lower lids
* Complete the look easily
* Six sophisticated color combinations expertly matched by professional make-up artist Pat McGrath:
o Silver Sky
o Onyx Smoke
o Bronze Fire
o Purple Plume
o Citrus Flair
o Tempest Blue

This is the first step. We applied the rounded end to shade the lid. I have to say I really liked the shade of pink.

Next we added the tapered end to create the smokey effect.

Here you can see we only applied the smokey purple to one eye to show you the difference.

Now to add the final touch with the CoverGirl Shine Blast Lip Gloss!

ShineBlast Lip Gloss:

* Delivers a blast of shine that gets you noticed
* Breakthrough ShineSculpt™ applicator hugs your lips' contours for optimum, smooth application and 4x more noticeable shine
*Available in 16 vibrant, shimmer behind the shine shades

Hannah was excited to receive her coupon, and here is a video of her experience with the CoverGirl Smokey Shadow Blast and ShineBlast Lip Gloss!

Personally I am not a big fan of the Smokey ShadowBlast. I don't like the wet texture and I know I would accidentally touch my eye and rub the make up off. I do like the two step process!
I love the ShineBlast Lip Gloss. It is the great color for me, and it goes on smooth with a perfect shimmer.

Disclaimer: BzzAgent and CoverGirl sent me these products to review along with coupons to pass out to my friends. All opinions are 100% honest.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Craft Video, You want to see this!!!

I received an email from One 2 One Network about a craft show called DIY Dish! I was just about to pass it by when my curiosity got the best of me! I am sooooo glad it did! I loved the photo frame project and I will be making one in the very near future!!! I think I will also make a set of coasters with pictures included, this show has sparked my creativity!

Watch this video you will be so glad you did!
There is also a contest along with this video, check it out here!

Also check out the One 2 One Network, they provide great review opportunities!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crafts around the Blogosphere!

Checking out several crafts around the Blogosphere, I wanted to share this one with you! I thought was really innovative! It's a Cupcake stand, custom made! And a tutorial so you can make one too! I would love to do this since I am a huge cupcake enthusiast! Seems like you could take it a step further and make different shapes! Very cool, check it out here!
Thank you Michelle for finding this great project!

Homeland Deals week of June 2 - June 8th!

Here are a few blogs to utilize when couponing at Homeland! They write the match-ups every week and it's a simple as 1 2 3!!!
1) Print the coupon match-ups and printable coupons
2) Cut out your coupons listed on the match-ups list.
3) Go to the store and shop!!!

Simple Saving Savvy

Coupon Princess Saves You Money!

It's really that easy! The coupons I use are from the Sunday paper, printable online coupons, tear pads found around the store, or mailed coupons!

I love Homeland, every week I get tons of free or very cheap groceries!

AMC Theaters Summer MovieCamp!!!

Just read about this on Simple Saving Savvy, and I am so excited! Here's the deal: AMC will offer $1 kids movies every Tuesday at 10 AM! Here are the dates:

June 15
Shrek The Third (PG)

June 22
Imagine That (PG)

June 29
Monsters vs. Aliens (PG)

July 6
Madagascar (PG)

July 13
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (PG)

July 20
Hotel for Dogs (PG)

July 27
Kung Fu Panda (PG)

August 3
The Spiderwick Chronicles (PG)

August 10
Surprise Mystery Title

I noticed the AMC Theaters Summer MovieCamp website stated advanced tickets would be on sale June 8th. Which might mean we need to buy our tickets early in case the theater sells out.
I'm looking really forward to this, I hope to see you there!

Thanks Amanda for the heads up!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

NEW Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner! Review!

I am a Dove Hair Premier Ambassador and Dove provided me with a free product to try and share my opinion with all of you!

I have to say I'm a little biased, I LOVE Dove Products! I already use Dove deodorant and Dove hair care products! I want the product to work great but my main requirement is the right smell. My favorite is the Go Fresh Cucumber and Green tea! Loooove it!

I have to admit I am very hard on my hair! It is very thin and straight. I recently switched to a different hair style that's much shorter than my normal which allows me to blow it out with a round brush and a blow dryer! I add styling mousse, sometimes gel, and always hairspray!!! After all this I am able to give my hair a little body and a thicker look! So you can imagine this Daily Treatment Conditioner was much needed!

My Experience with Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner:

Consistency: I like the consistency, it was creamy and thick. Not much was needed to cover my short hair.

Fragrance: The smell was nice. I would describe it as soft, more on the perfume side. I personally prefer a fruit smell.

Wash out factor: It wasn't hard to wash the conditioner out of my hair. But I could tell it coated my hair. I hate when a conditioner takes forever to wash out and then you never truly feel like it is completely out. This conditioner did not leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy.

Styling: My hair styled just the same as normal, but I noticed a bit of a shine that wasn't there before!

Over all I really liked the new Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner. The bottle was sleek and easy to open. I have had problems in the past with the old Dove bottles. They were very hard to open. So I am very glad Dove changed to the new look!

Want to try a Sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner? Click here for a free sample!

Disclaimer: Product provoded, No monotary gain was made. All opinions are 100% my own honest experiences.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Win Concert tickets in Oklahoma! Hurry!

I just read a post on Facebook for Rocklahoma concert tickets this Memorial Day weekend, May 28-30. Homeland Stores is going to give away 4 tickets to a random person that responds to the post! For more info about the Rocklahoma concert click here! Like Homeland on facebook, then respond to the post to enter! Good luck!

Here is the actual post:
Homeland Stores CONTEST ALERT: Would you like to win 4 tickets to Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK this weekend? The winner will be chosen from everbody that replies to this post. Winner will be chosen at 5pm Wednesday 5/26 so hurry. (Go to rocklahoma.com for more info on the event.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

One eskimO!!!!!!! Review!

I am a member of the One2One Network and recently I was asked to review a CD from the band One eskimO! Before I give you my opinion I want to share a little info about the band One eskimO and their new hit song! They currently have the #1 adult alternative song called 'Kandi' which you may have already heard since it's the most played song on all adult rock radio 4 weeks and counting. One eskimO is a critically-acclaimed English band fronted by singer-songwriter Kristian Leontiou and includes musicians Pete Rinaldi (guitar), Jamie Sefton (bass, horns) and Adam Falkner (drums).

Watch the music video "Kandi" here!

Tour Dates
May 14 Miami, FL Fillmore
May 15 Jacksonville, FL Free Bird Live
May 18 Orlando, FL House of Blues
May 19 Tampa, FL The Ritz Ybor
May 22 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theatre
May 24 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel
May 25 Charleston, SC The Music Farm
Jun 01 Toronto, ON The Guvernment
Jun 03 New York, NY The Beach at Governor’s Island
Jun 04 Boston, MA House of Blues
Jun 05 Essex Junction, VT Camplain Valley Expo
Jun 06 Hunter, NY Mountain Jam Festival
Jun 08 Royal Oak, MI Royal Oak Music Thtr
Jun 09 Grand Rapids, MI Orbit Room
Jun 12 Memphis, TN Minglewood Hall
Jun 13 Kansas City, MO Crossroads
Aug 14 Denver, CO Mile High Festival

Check out the One eskimO wesite!

Connect with the band on You Tube and Facebook!
Free Download of “Astronauts” via Twitter.

Billboard Magazine calls One eskimO's self-titled debut album "...catchy, ambient pop." and Los Angeles Times Magazine hails the song "Kandi" “a beautiful, aspirational track.” The album is available in stores now.

Simple Day
Givin Up
All Balloons
Chosen One

Now for MY OPINION!!!
I really liked the music from One eskimO. It's very different from my normal choice of music, but I noticed as I listened to the music I felt a sense on calm come over me. It's a very laid back CD! I could definitely see this music being on an episode of Grey's Anatomy! Actually I first played the CD with my children and we danced around the room swaying back and forth! I know kinda nerdy, but hey I'm a momma first and it was great exercise! Ok back to the music...The songs were very unique and interesting! You can tell the musicians had a great sense of musicality! I love the tone of the lead singers (Kristian Leontiou) voice! This band strikes me as very authentic and real. Over all I am impressed, and very thankful to be apart of this review. I can say as a family we really enjoyed the music!

I am a member of the One2One Network and exchange for this review I received a One eskimO CD to review. No monotary gain was made from this review. All opinions are 100% authentic and real!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Very cool PhotoWorks products!

I just received an email with the new products from PhotoWorks. PhotoWorks seems to be ahead of the rest with very innovative new photo products! I really like this new Photo Wall Art, it would look great over my bed. I have ordered from this company before, after I saw the Photo cutting board, I had to have it!

The opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own! I am a Bzz Agent, and participated in the PhotoWorks Bzz Campaign a while back in which I recieved a gift card. With the gift card I purchased the PhotoWorks Cutting Board mentioned in the post.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Contest around the Blogosphere!

There are so many contests around the Blogosphere, I could spend all day and all night entering them! Because I don't have that kind of time I like to pick and choose which ones I enter. I usually enter ones with kids products! Today I found this one over at Mommy Goggles for a Step 2 Play Up Fun-Fold Jr. Picnic Table! I have many other Step 2 toys, and I really like this brand! My kids probably have every other outside toy in our tiny backyard except a picnic table! So I hope I win this one! I have been very successful at blog contests! I would say I win 1 in every 15 I enter! Good luck and I hope you will enter along with me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oklahoma Science Museum for CHEAP!!! Today only!

$12 for two general admissions, plus two Dome Theater tickets!!! This is at the Oklahoma Science Museum, formally called the Omniplex! I will be taking advantage of this deal! I haven't been in years, and I've heard they have revamped it making it more appealing for little kids!

Sign up for Groupon daily deals, they have great deals for your local businesses!

Hurry this is for today only!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winner of the Udder Cover Give-away!

Congratulations #11 Lisa
Lisa said...

RT: http://twitter.com/pharmstudent01/status/13936445213
May 13, 2010 2:49 PM

You have 48 hours to contact me before I choose another winner!

Friday, May 14, 2010

B2G1 Free Rental Blockbuster Express!

Just read a post on Facebook from Blockbuster Express for a B2G1 Free Rental
The code is GE15D2 Expires Monday at midnight!
$2 for three movies is a great deal. Check your bank account to make sure they don't charge you twice if you reserve online. I had that problem a couple weeks ago, but they said it was from a glitch they were working on. So it might be fixed now, but still it never hurts to double check.

$1.49 Huggies deal at CVS!!!

Checking around the Blogosphere for deals, I ran across this one at Common Sense With Money.

Check out how she gets Huggies diapers for $1.49 at CVS! This is a great deal!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tear pads found at Crest 5-12

Here are some tear pads I found at Crest. Remember only take a few and leave some for the rest of us!

This was at the 15th and Santa Fe store in Edmond...

Save $1 on Nilla wafers wyb jello pudding or phili cream cheese
Save $1 on 2lt. coca cola product wyb 2lbs of Deli meat
Save $1 on eggs wyb 5oz cholula hot sauce
Save $1 on a 5 lb bag of MountainKing Rustics (potatoes)
Kashi coupon pamphlet $1 off cereal, bars, cookies, frozen, crackers
Save $1 on milk wyb 2 Mother's cookies
Save $1 on milk wyb 2 Keebler fudge shoppe cookies
Save $.55 on milk wyb keebler fudge shoppe cheesecake middles
Save $2.50 on 2 crystal light wyb 2 wheat thins
Buy 4 get 1 free oreo, chips ahoy, or ritz
Save $1 on two kelloggs nutri grain cereal bars
Save $1 on two kelloggs cinnabon
Save $1 on Kraft salad dressing wyb two kraft products
Save $1 on any juice boxes or pouches wyb two rice krispies treats

Towards the end of the shopping trip my hubby saw me reach for yet another tear pad and sighed! Let me know if you live out of state and want me to mail you some of these!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How do you feel about your work place?

I have worked retail since I was 14 and when I had my first child at 24 I chose to be a SAHM. When necessity drove me to get a part time job I thought about going back to one of my previous jobs, but the hours just weren't right for me. I then started brain storming about places I like to shop. The Edmond Kohls popped into my head and I decided to call them. They had an opening in the Ad Set team, and the hours were perfect for me. 8-12pm which would let me spend time with my kids before the go to bed at 8pm. It was a match and I started right away. I loved it, the job was great and the social interaction I got from other adults was much needed. (I know you other SAHM's know what I mean) :) But I never expected for a company to treat ME so good. For every holiday they order food, pizza, subs or Italian. If they ask people to volunteer for an extra shift they bring in food to say thanks to the employees. But to top it off yesterday on Mothers Day I went in for my shift and surprise!!! Kohls had bought every mom employee a corsage!!! What?!?! Are you kidding me? I am still shocked! I told my manager Ron that the way Kohls treats their employees was just ridiculous! In a good way of course lol! It doesn't take much to make me feel important, and Kohls has gone over and above my expectations. So I want to say a big thank you to Kohls! To all the other companies that are reading this take a page from Kohls example. A little TLC goes a long way!

How do you feel about your work place?

Contest around the Blogosphere! May 10th

I received an email about a contest on 3 Kids and Us. It's for a $50 Visa GC from Western Union! It has a lot of entries, however $50 is worth a few minutes of my time! Somebody's got to win and hopefully it will be me! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Udder Covers - For Nursing Mothers Give-away!!! -Contest Closed

While pregnant with my first child I determined I would breastfeed for one year! Everything I heard about breastfeeding was always positive, and of course I wanted the best for my child! After I delivered my daughter by c-section breastfeeding was my top priority. Maybe for some mothers breastfeeding comes naturally but I ran into a million problems. If you know me personally you know I have a lot of family. And yes everyone of them came to see our beautiful baby girl. Which meant for a very crowded hospital room! This was such a special moment for our family and I loved and welcomed every visitor. However I am a very modest momma! Having problems breastfeeding and being very modest I struggled with getting the baby in the right position while holding the blanket to cover up and not expose myself. It was a mess let me tell you! I had to send my visitors out of the room every time I wanted to breastfeed, then feel pressured to hurry for them to come back in. I had no idea what I was missing until I discovered the amazing Udder Covers!!!

Udder Covers are perfect for breastfeeding mommas! They are a wonderful sheet of coverage, and stylish to boot!

Here is the info from the Udder Covers website:

Our rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby.
Our fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton.
Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline.
Machine washable.

After using this product I gained a sense of confidence to go anywhere in public and breastfeed! I felt fully protected and very discreet!

My favorite part of the Udder Covers is the neckline. It is rigid enough that it stays open for you to see your child. You can move underneath the sheet and see everything you are doing through the neckline. I can honestly say I love this product, it was a true life saver!

Now for the best part. One lucky winner will receive this beautiful Udder Cover! You don't have to be a mom to enter this contest. An Udder Cover would be a great baby shower gift.

This one is called Porter, for the first entry visit the Udder Covers website and tell me your favorite style! (1 entry - mandatory)
Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you! Leave your email like this: swtypiebeth at cox dot net so the bots won't pick it up!

Extra Entries: You may choose to enter any or all.
Leave a separate comment for each entry

Subscribe by email to my blog (1 entry)

Follow me on Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs (over on the sidebar) (1 entry)

Follow me on Twitter @2babies1momma (1 entry)

Tweet: Give-Away:Lucky winner gets a beautiful Udder Cover! http://sharethedeal.blogspot.com/2010/05/udder-covers-for-nursing-mothers-give.html (1 entry, you may tweet once daily!)

Blog about this give-away with a link to the Udder Covers website and here at Share the Deal from the Blogosphere! (3 entries)

Contest ends Friday May 14th 2010 at 11:59 pm central time! Good Luck! I will announce the winner on Saturday May 15th! If the first entry is not followed than no other entry will count.
Company will be responsible for mailing out the Porter Udder Cover. I will not be responsible for damaged or lost mailing. Contest open to US residents only. Winner will have 48 hours to respond by email, before a new winner will be chosen.

I received no monitary gain from this post. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. I purchased my own Udder Cover years ago and used that experience for this review. Company provided 1 Udder Cover to give away.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Udder Covers for nursing mom's!

I just got an email today for 100% off Udder Covers. All you pay is shipping! I have purchased one of these in the past and loved it! An Udder Cover is great for some of us more modest moms! I love the design because you can look in and nobody else can see. Not to mention these styles and colors are fabulous!!! Even if you are not nursing this would be a great baby shower gift! Just enter promo code "Mother". Shipping is $9.95! This offer is for today only so hurry!

Kids eat FREE at Quiznos!

Oh yeah! I just read on Coupon Princess Saves You Money that kids eat free at Quiznos starting May 3rd! All you have to do is buy an adult Entree to get the free kids meal. The child must be present at the time of purchase and the choices include a sub, sammie or pizza.
Whoo hoo this is a great program for me! With two kids we don't get to go out to eat very often and this will help save a little money when we do!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Contest around the Blogosphere!

Here are two contest I entered today:

Give away for a Hey Dude After Shave on Mom Knows It All! Low entries, Ends 5-7-10.

Give away for a Magic Bullet Express on Blommi! Ends 5-6-10. 4 Winners!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Find out who your neighbors are...

Just wanted to give my readers a FYI about sexual predators. You should know who is living in your community. A sexual predator could be living next door. I am not telling you this to scare you, unfortunately it's reality. As a mom I feel it's my duty to know. Family Watchdog is a great site to utilize for this public information. Of course you want to think this could never happen to you, well I'm here to tell you it can. I myself am a victim of a sexual predator. He lives 2 miles away and is listed on this site. For the respect of my brother I will not post his profile since this is his father, my ex stepdad. I'm not saying sex offenders can't be rehabilitated, however at this point there is no regulation of personal choice, except incarceration. Family Watchdog is very simple to use, you type in your address and this site gives you a detailed map of sexual offenders in your community. The legend on the side tells you if the offense has been one against a child, rape, sexual battery or other. Click on the colored square and a profile will pop up with a picture, description of offense, alias and address. Check it out and protect you and your family. This happening to one child is too many.

Here are my reasons for caring! My angels Abby and Braden!

Found some great Walmart deals!

Over at Common Sense With Money are some great Walmart deals!

I have heard from other blogs that Dr. Pepper and Pepsi 24 packs are $5, but when I went to my local Walmart they weren't marked. This blog confirms the deal and next time I go I will scan the pepsi to make sure before I buy. $5 is the cheapest you will find a 24 pack and my Hubby is more than addicted to pop!
Some other great deals are for Hidden Valley Ranch, Brownie mix, and White Cloud toilet paper. Thank you Common Sense With Money!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homeland Deals Week 4-28 to 5-4

Here are the match-ups, these bloggers do a great job every week. Let them know how much you appreciate their time.

Simple Saving Savvy

Coupon Princess Saves You Money!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Video show and tell!

Here is my shopping trip to Homeland this week! I made out like a bandit! By the way I did have to tell the cashier twice that a coupon did not double, which was not a big deal he adjusted it easily. Coupon Princess taught me to befriend the cashiers at my favorite stores. I am on pretty good terms with the cashiers at the 2nd and Santa Fe store, and next time I am going to treat them to a pop of their choice. So anyway watch this video, If you need any help comment on this post and I can help you with any question! Happy couponing!
Here are links to the coupon match-ups!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mystery Diagnosis!

I stick my tongue to the top of my lip and feel a bump, hmm that's weird. I guess it's a pimple that formed on my lip. Strange place for a pimple. I go inspect this pimple in the mirror and decide I will wait it out, I mean what do you do for a pimple on your lips? The next morning I feel little itchy bumps on the corners of my lips and just outside the corners of my mouth. True to form I run to the mirror again. Oh no it looks just like poison ivy. I am highly allergic to poison ivy and had multiple outbreaks every summer as a kid. So as you can imagine I know my poison ivy bumps! Now I've had poison ivy in some weird places like my eyes and hair, but never my lips. Ugh! Very uncomfortable itchy lips. I ask my hubby to grab my favorite poison ivy treatment, which is a spray called Ivy Dry, it doesn't cure the poison ivy but it does dry it up and make it manageable.
Then my mind changes to how I got it. Well I know how allergic I am to poison ivy, and in the past I have gotten it from air exposure. But that's not good enough I continue to question. Well I just planted my garden, maybe one of the plants I purchase was around it? A little far fetched. My Hubby had a hilarious story, let me tell ya, he came up with this big elaborate story about me kissing another guy and being caught red lipped. Haha very funny :(. Then it came to me, my hubby mulched up a bunch of leaves at my father in laws house, where a known poison ivy village is living near by. That had to be it because I spread the mulched leaves all over my garden. Or so I thought!
Wondering how long the poison ivy will last on my poor itchy lips I turn to the internet. I type in poison ivy on lips. All sorts of things come up, I read one story about an allergic reaction to latex. Well no this is not me I know my poison ivy, plus I hadn't recently been to the dentist to question latex gloves. I move on the the next link where my mystery diagnosis is uncovered! A blog called Silent Rant with the post called "Hooray! It's not herpes!" Haha! I start reading, and the info she shares shocks me...
Here is a quote from Silent Rant: "Do a google search for “mango allergy reaction” and you find some fascinating stuff. The mango tree is in the sumac family, with poison ivy as a relative. So if you happen to have particularly strong reaction to poison ivy, your body senses the oleoresin from the mango skin, thinks it’s poison ivy, says “we’ve seen this before, and this time we’re ready- send in the white blood cell reinforcements” which then go to town on your skin and you’re in for an itchy rash."
I bought a beautiful mango weeks ago and recently made a delicious smoothie concoction! Mango is one of my favorites and in the past I would often buy a Manga Go Go from Jamba Juice. Every once in a while I would get a few poison ivy bumps on my hands. I figured I had smelled it and my body was just reminding me I was very allergic. And the reason I didn't get an outbreak on my lips was because I used a straw when I drank one. When I drank my home made smoothie I slurped it straight from the cup!

Photo credit: Kunkelfruit Wiki
So there you have it! Mango, you are now my arch enemy! Hopefully it will go away soon! Haha!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great Deal on Laser Tag!

Groupon is offering a deal on Laser Tag! You buy four games for $16, the games can be split between kids, but all games have to be used in one visit! The original price is $32, and you can buy up to three deals! Check it out, Laser Quest is so much fun for kids or adults. It would be a great family activity! This deal is for the OKC area but you can click here to check out the Groupon deals in your area! The deal is good for today only April 22nd!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Does your child do this?

Oh my gosh my son!!! LOL! Braden is almost two and has a hobby of finding holes around the house to stick his toys in! I would never have thought about all the places a hole can be found. For example today he stuck a piece of corn dog in the fire place key hole. Which I cleverly removed with tweezers!
In the hall way we have a closet door that was replaced and the door knob never got put in. Well you guessed it, this is one of his favorite spots!
Oh one of my hubby's maddest moments was the discovery of toys in his computer speakers! He still can't get them out.
We have been doing some renovations and removed a phone line in the wall, but before we could patch it up... this is what we found!

Even with all the irritation,it's a little humerous! Plus how can you stay mad at this sweet face!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Free NBA Thunder car flag!

Must have slipped my mind, but right now you can walk into Homeland wearing any Thunder gear and get a free car flag! You have to ask for it at the checkout! I'm not sure when this ends. I went yesterday and they still had some. GO THUNDER!

In this picture is Rumble, the OKC Thunder Mascot, and my wonderful hubby! If you can't tell we are huge NBA fans!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The easiest way to make MONEY!!!

I have tried a million different rewards sites, SWAGBUCKS by far is the best! All you do is sign up and download the toolbar. The way you make money is by searching with the toolbar. For example when I want to check my facebook I don't go straight there I type facebook in my swagbucks toolbar and click on the link! Swagbucks rewards you periodically for your searches. I get about 40 Swagbucks a day, or more for only 3 or 4 searches! When you hit 450, you can buy a $5 amazon gift card! I like to save them up until I have $25 since amazon offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. You have no idea how much this helped me at Christmas time. I bet I've made close to $100 in 6 months! Whoohoo, now for the best part, if you refer your friends, Swagbucks matches the points your referral makes!

Sign up here

Friday, April 16, 2010

Contest, Contest, Contest!

Oh man there are a couple of great contest today! I'm gonna give them to you in the order I entered them.

First here is a chance to win a butterfly table and chair set made by Guidecraft! Enter to win at Barefoot Mommies!

2nd is for a 8 GB Ipod touch on The Royal Family! She is introducing the new Personal Assistant App."the Intuition, and one lucky ready will win an Ipod! Whoo hoo, I would love to win this one!

Take a few minutes to enter, and I'll keep you posted on all the contests I find!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Contest around the Blogosphere! April 15th!

I came across a great contest today over at Mommy Goggles! She is spreading the word about a new app called Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant. To go along with this app is a chance to win an Ipod Touch 8 GB!!! Whoo hoo, I would love to win this! If I did win I would definitely download the Intuition app, it looks like it could really help me organize my busy schedule! Check it out and as always let me know if you win! Good luck!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Free tote bag from Red Gold!

I was just scouring the Blogosphere and came across a great offer for a free tote bag!

All you have to do is register for the Red Gold e-newsletter, enter your upc number off your can, and fill out your mailing address! People have said this is a really nice tote bag. I am hoping for coupons inside!!! I really do use these tote bags, they are great for sending the kids overnight to Mimi's house! I will use one for the next days clothes and one for blanky's and pillows! Another great use for a tote bag is for your swimming adventures, perfect for wet bathing suits, and if it gets stolen at your water park you don't care!

I read this deal on Shopping Frugal, it was my first time to visit this blog and I was really impressed! Check it out!

Oh by the way, if don't have a can of Red Gold tomato's UPC code leave a comment on this post and I will email you one of mine! I only have two cans so the first two people get it! Don't forget to leave your email address, and also write it like this EX: swtypiebeth at cox dot net

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Contest around the Blogosphere!

Here is a contest I entered today, and it's from one of my favorite blogs Blommi! The prize is a $25 GC to Macy's! I always find great deals at Macy's and would love to win this one! Especially with money being so tight, I never buy anything for myself these days! Spend a few minutes entering this one and subscribe to Blommi while you are there, it's a great blog!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Free coupon for Kraft Cheesy Explosion Mac N Cheese!

Become a Facebook fan and get a coupon for a free box of Macaroni & Cheese, Cheesy Explosion! This coupon will arrive by mail in 4-6 weeks!

Click here!

Thank you Simple Saving Savvy for the heads up on this deal!