Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Does your child do this?

Oh my gosh my son!!! LOL! Braden is almost two and has a hobby of finding holes around the house to stick his toys in! I would never have thought about all the places a hole can be found. For example today he stuck a piece of corn dog in the fire place key hole. Which I cleverly removed with tweezers!
In the hall way we have a closet door that was replaced and the door knob never got put in. Well you guessed it, this is one of his favorite spots!
Oh one of my hubby's maddest moments was the discovery of toys in his computer speakers! He still can't get them out.
We have been doing some renovations and removed a phone line in the wall, but before we could patch it up... this is what we found!

Even with all the irritation,it's a little humerous! Plus how can you stay mad at this sweet face!

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