Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cupcake Tutorial!

For my Son's 2nd Birthday we had a themed Mickey Mouse party! I love making cupcakes so I looked for a Mickey Mouse cupcake idea, surprisingly there wasn't much online to be found. So I created my own and wanted to share with you how I did it!

What you will need: Melting Chocolate, (White and dark or milk chocolate), Chocolate doughnuts, Mini Oreo's, Mini Choc. chips, toothpicks, sugar, food coloring, cake mix, frosting, egg carton or styrofoam, wax paper, cupcake liners, red gel decorating tube, and straws.

It also helps to have a wonderful Mother in Law to come help you!
Take the toothpicks add a little frosting to the end and place into the mini Oreo. Stick in freezer to secure before you dip in the chocolate. Melt your dark or milk chocolate in a bowl large enough to get your hand into.
After maybe 15 20 minutes take out of the freezer and dip into your melting chocolate. My mother in law used a shaking method like she does when she makes truffles to smooth out the chocolate.
Place into your styrofoam or egg carton to dry.

Next lay out your wax paper. Take your chocolate doughnuts and dip halfway into the dark or milk chocolate. I placed a butter knife in the back of mine so I wouldn't drop it in when I dipped it. By the way I had to reheat my chocolate several times when doing this process to make sure it went on smoothly. Let dry.

Repeat the process with the white chocolate, but before it dries take your straw and get some white chocolate on the end to use like a paint brush. You are going to make a heart shape on top of the line. And before that dries add your mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Let dry.

Use another straw dipped in chocolate for the nose.

Add red gel piping for the mouth.

Add a few drops of food coloring to a small bag of sugar. Then mix it up with your hands until the color is evenly distributed. If the color isn't bright enough add more food coloring until the color is the way you want it.

Take your cupcakes and frost them.

Imidiatly after frosting dip your cupcake in the sugar so it will stick. You can use one color or make a tye dyed effect by using multiple colors! Get creative!

Put a little frosting to the back of your Mickey doughnut and stick on top of the cupcake, add the ears and your done!

I think these turned out super cute and look how happy my little Braden was on his 2nd Birthday! :)