Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainbow Brite Review


MomSelect and Hallmark recently gave me the chance to review a CD ROM with the newly revamped Rainbow Brite and friends!

As you know I have a 3yr old and a 20 mo old. We are just starting to dabble into the online computer games and activities. The experience of Rainbow Brite's world of games, songs and coloring was absolutely captivating for my 3yr old Abigail! She loved the bright colors and games! The matching game was her favorite and she did surprisingly well remembering where the characters "were hiding!"

My little guy Braden liked watching his sister play the games but quickly became frustrated her attention was not on him. Resulting in a run and slam the computer hoping to make her scream.

I asked a co-worker if her son would be interested in the New Rainbow Brite CD ROM and she said sure and took one from me. The next day she told me her son loved it. She described him deeply captivated by the colors and games. So there you go, Rainbow Brite is not only for girls, boys like her too!

If you would like to play these games with your children your in luck, all you have to do is click here to go straight to the games section on the Rainbow Brite website!RainbowBrite Games & Activities

I was provided with 10 CD ROMs, 1 for me and 9 to give away! I gave away 7 to my mommy friends and co-workers. Which leaves me with two left. Let me know if you live in the Edmond area and would like to come pick one up!

This product was provided. All opinions were honest and my own. No monetary gain was made from this post.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Update March 2nd! Crest ----2 packages free cookies! 2/26!

Buy 1 package of Oreo's and get TWO Cakesters for free!

Update March 2nd! Sent hubby to the store to get this deal again and it worked! The cashier asked him if he heard about this deal from somewhere and he said yes my wife sent me here and got this deal earlier in the week. She responded: "We have told the manager this rings up this way and they don't care, so everybody gets a really good deal, I guess."

Hi everyone, I went to Crest last night after work about 12:30 am, and they were having a special on Oreo's. The deal was buy any package of Oreo's and get a free Oreo Cakester. So I grabbed one package of regular Golden Oreo's and 2 packages of cakesters, thinking I would use a free coupon I had for one of the cakesters. When I went to check out the lady noticed when she rang it all up it only charged me for the regular Oreo's and took off both the cakesters. She called a manager over to see what was going on and she didn't know either and said to me "wow you got a really good deal." She gave me back my coupon to use another time. Anyway, I'm not sure if this deal is a glitch in the system, but it might be worth checking out. I tried a cakester today and it was heavenly!!! I am a big fan of the golden ones!

If you want more Crest deals to accompany this one check out Simple Saving Savvy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free 8x10 at Walgreens!

Here is a free 8x10 at Walgreens for 2/25 only!

Check out Common Sense with Money for the details!

You can't beat FREE!!!

Free codes for BlockBuster and Redbox!

If you haven't tried out the new way of renting movies, GET WITH IT! Lol! It took me way too long to get with it, but now that I've tried it I like it better! Redbox and BlockBuster are great and convenient ways to rent movies. Here are some free codes!

Check out Simple Saving Savvy for BlockBuster codes!

Check out Cha Ching On a Shoe String for Redbox codes!

Enjoy, and make sure the movie is accepted when you return it. If you shove it in and run the machine could reject it and then spit it back out.

15% off Children's Place and free shipping!

Here is a blog post from Simple Saving Savvy that tells you how to get 15% off Children's Place and free shipping! I like to shop their clearance, but I hate to pay shipping costs. Which is why I usually skip the 15% off offers. But with free shipping I will definitely check it out!

Homeland deals week of 2/24 to 3/2!

Hop over to these great blogs to see the Homeland deals for the week of 2/24 to 3/2!

Simple Saving Savvy

Coupon Princess Saves You Money

Looks like a good week! I need to get some more printer paper, I'm all out! Euch!

Thank you Amanda and Shannon for the great match ups!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My weight loss journey!

I wanted to share these pictures with you to show you my weight loss journey. I lost 73 lbs in 4 months with a 3 week break in between. Included in these pictures is my Mom and Mother in law. We did this by using HCG, its a hormone you make while pregnant. I ordered mine over seas and mixed the medicine myself, but a friend recently found a more convenient and cheaper website to get this medicine called Rebekah's Pure Living, or Health Yourself. This diet is very intense with a 500 calorie diet, but I rarely felt hungry. The weight just fell off my body, I lost a pound or more every day! I have inspired countless others to start this diet with amazing results! I have nothing to gain from posting this except the joy and excitement of helping others. If I can do this I know anybody can. I really feel like I found myself again, and am a much happier and healthier person. Good luck and let me know if I can do anything to help you.

If you want to read another bloggers experience go check out Coupon Princess.

I am not a Doctor, these are my opinions.

Free Pancakes at Ihop Feb 23rd!

Check out this post I read at Simply Saving Savvy! Free pancakes 2-23-10 with donation!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Enter this contest, 9 $45 Hollywood gc's!

I love this site, not only has it helped me learn how to coupon but it's a been a great community of christian women! Right after I had my first child I went through a bit of depression getting adjusted to being a stay at home mom compared to a very social work environment. This site was a great outlet to socialize and connect with other moms! Ok now back to the contest! ConsumerQueen is giving away 9 Hollywood gift cards for $45! It only takes a few seconds to enter and let me tell you I have won multiple times on this site! Good luck!

Friday, February 19, 2010 is giving away (2) $25 Gift Cards to Subway

Check out this give away! They are always worth taking a few minutes to enter!

Mommy Snacks!

Apply for this Poise Houseparty!

This might seem a little strange to apply for this one, but look what it comes with! A camcorder!!!!! I applied, you should too!

House Party

If selected as a host, you'll receive a FREE "Laugh Box", which includes:

  • Handheld digital camcorder, for host
  • Costumes and accessories to help in creating your funny videos
  • One month Netflix® gift certificate
  • 10 Poise® sample kits including 1 Poise® Liner, 1 Poise® Long Liner, 1 Poise® Ultra Thin Pad

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is what came in my party pack!

This is my daughter Abby showing you what came in my Pull ups party pack from!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homeland deals week 2/17- 2/23

Here are some great blogs I use for my coupon matchups!
Coupon Princess
Simple Saving Savvy

This week might have a higher OOP, but there is some good stuff!

Reminder it only takes a second to change your life.

I read this story today and wept, I could hardly see my computer screen through the tears. This is a reminder to all moms to never leave your baby alone in the tub. The little boy in this story is close to the same age as my little Braden, so you can imagine it really hit close to home with me. You can read this brave mom's story here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Win a Rainbow Bright Doll!

I entered this contest for a Rainbow bright doll! It has very low entries and even if you don't have a little girl this could be a great gift for a niece, so take a few minutes and enter! I have won several games and toys by doing this quick entering! Good Luck!

Check out Blommi to enter!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Win a Dyson DC31

You could win a Dyson DC31 over at 3 Kids and Us! This is a great giveaway! I choose to enter contest on blogs because the chances of winning are greater than lets say a sweepstakes where thousands of people are entering. With a blog maybe hundreds are entering, makes the odds better! I have won several times on different blogs, and it is worth the few minutes it takes me to enter! Check out 3 Kids and Us and enter the Dyson give away! Here is the Dyson website, I am very intrigued by this vacuum and would love to see how it works!

Friday, February 12, 2010

$2 off coupon for Boogie Wipes!

Talking with some friends yesterday one person told me he was looking for this particular coupon! But hurry it expires 2-15! $2 off Boogie Wipes!

You can print the coupon here from my friend Shannon's blog!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Momma's little helper!

Free $5 Amazon giftcards!

You can get free $5 amazon gc's through Swagbucks! Swagbucks is similar to google in that it's a search engine, but the difference is Swagbucks rewards you randomly for your searches. You can get anywhere from 1-5 points 4 times a day. The points add up quick, and the best part is if you refer someone swagbucks matches that persons points up to 100!!! I get about 2 gift cards a month by myself. Download the toolbar and you don't necessarily have to search all the time, instead of going straight to the website I go through a search for every site I visit. This is a great deal, free money! Click any Swagbucks to go straight there!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photofiddle $50 give away!

Here is a great site that is offering a photofiddle $50 give away! It is so easy to take a few moments to enter and I can't tell you how many times I have won off these blog sites! The best part is the entries are low which makes the chances of winning even greater!

Check it out, the contest ends Feb 14th! Make sure you remember to make a separate email for your couponing purposes!

Thankyou Mom Spark for this great give away!!!

Want to review and spread the word for free items?

Two great sites I use all the time are

You apply to host a party for a free party package! I have hosted close to 10 parties since I started! Green Works, Oscar Mayer, Digiorno, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Pull ups are some of the brands I have showcased from this site! Loooove it!

Bzzagent is all about spreading the bzz! They send you items to review and share your experiences with others! Sometimes they even send items to share with others and coupons!

Homeland coupon matchups!

Here are several different coupon match ups for the week of 2-10 through 2-16

Not a bad week I am excited about the Orville Redenbacher deal!!! That's my hubby's favorite brand! And don't forget to make your OOP (out of pocket) even lower by using the $5/$25 coupon from the OKC Thunder program!

Thankyou Shannon and Amanda for your coupon matchups!

Deals of 2-10-2010!

Free oreo cakesters! If you are a member of Kraft first taste! If you are not a member sign up! Every once in a while they put a free item in the my offers section of the site!

Don't forget to make a junk email for all your couponing purposes.

While you are at Simple Saving Savvy check out the deals at Crest!

Thanks Amanda for all the hard work, you have a great blog!

Introduction to the blog!

Hi everyone! I have been in the blog world for so long now, but I haven't made a commitment to participate until now! Several times a week people ask me about couponing and how I get such amazing deals. I try to direct them to all the right sites but I understand it's hard to start off by yourself. This blog is going to be an homage to the best deals and coupon matchups I can find from around the blogosphere! Plus a little of my own findings!