Monday, June 7, 2010

Covergirl Review with Pictures!!!

I am a BzzAgent member and was recently selected to participate in the Covergirl Blast BzzCampaign! If you don't know about BzzAgent it is a website that connects consumers and brands to test out new products and spread the bzz!

Since my sister Hannah was visiting I thought what better than to use her as my test dummy! Haha just kidding. I really wanted to use her because between the two of us she got all the good looks! It's ok don't feel bad for me, I'm not bitter...haha!

See what I mean even in her before picture she has eyelashes to kill for!

Here is some information about the CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast

* Easy 2-step eye shadow stick with specially designed applicator tips to easily deliver a colorful smoky eye:
o Step 1: Rounded end for shading the lid
o Step 2: Tapered end for lining the crease and the upper and lower lids
* Complete the look easily
* Six sophisticated color combinations expertly matched by professional make-up artist Pat McGrath:
o Silver Sky
o Onyx Smoke
o Bronze Fire
o Purple Plume
o Citrus Flair
o Tempest Blue

This is the first step. We applied the rounded end to shade the lid. I have to say I really liked the shade of pink.

Next we added the tapered end to create the smokey effect.

Here you can see we only applied the smokey purple to one eye to show you the difference.

Now to add the final touch with the CoverGirl Shine Blast Lip Gloss!

ShineBlast Lip Gloss:

* Delivers a blast of shine that gets you noticed
* Breakthrough ShineSculpt™ applicator hugs your lips' contours for optimum, smooth application and 4x more noticeable shine
*Available in 16 vibrant, shimmer behind the shine shades

Hannah was excited to receive her coupon, and here is a video of her experience with the CoverGirl Smokey Shadow Blast and ShineBlast Lip Gloss!

Personally I am not a big fan of the Smokey ShadowBlast. I don't like the wet texture and I know I would accidentally touch my eye and rub the make up off. I do like the two step process!
I love the ShineBlast Lip Gloss. It is the great color for me, and it goes on smooth with a perfect shimmer.

Disclaimer: BzzAgent and CoverGirl sent me these products to review along with coupons to pass out to my friends. All opinions are 100% honest.

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  1. Im like you I'm not a fan of the glossy look and I also would end up rubbing it off with my hand/fingers lol