Monday, June 14, 2010

BzzAgent Hills Science Diet Review with Doggy Pictures!!!

I am a BzzAgent and was recently accepted in the Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed BzzCampaign! If you don't know about BzzAgent, it's a word of mouth marketing company that connects companies with consumers. I was very excited to be a part of this campaign for my Canine Americans! :)

Before I had my kids, my dogs were my babies! They were spoiled rotten with lots of attention. And sadly I have to admit after I had kids I neglected my dogs. We moved in with my mom while we remodeled our house to sell and that is where the problem started. My mom had a beagle and unfortunately him and my dog Rowdy had an aggression over the food. So my dog would hoard the food and over eat. He is now so obese it's sad. I thought the problem would fix itself once we no longer lived with my mom and her dog. But he has lost no weight and it's almost been a year. After taking him to the vet I asked several questions on how to get him to a healthier weight. My vet did not recommend any special food but advised me the amount that he received was key to fixing this problem. The timing of being involved in this campaign was perfect, because with a new food gave us a chance for a new start.
Here is my dog Rowdy enjoying the new Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed Dog food!

My other dog Sammy really appreciates the small sized bites. And even though her health is in good shape I always wondered about the nutrition she was getting from her old dog food.

Here is information about Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed dog food:

Precisely balanced nutrition
Does your dog's food truly fit his needs? New Hill's® Science Diet® Small & Toy Breed dog food offers precisely balanced nutrition for the unique nutrition requirements of the little dog who's a big part of your life.

Supports long life expectancy
Hill's® Science Diet® pet food is the only brand with an exclusive blend of clinically proven antioxidants, designed to boost immune defenses and support the long life expectancy of small and toy breed dogs. So your dog can enjoy life to the fullest, for a long time to come!

Formulated for every life stage
Unlike some other small and toy breed dog foods, Hill's® Science Diet® Small & Toy Breed offers unique formulas to support your pet through all of his life stages: Puppy (0 – 1), Adult (1 – 6) and Mature Adult (7+). No wonder Hill's® Science Diet® pet food is vets' #1 choice when it comes to feeding their own pets!

Hills is so sure of their Dog food they offer a 100% money back garantee!

Here are five reasons you should feed your dogs Hills Science Diet Brand Pet food:

1. To create the highest quality pet food and benefit your pet's health, Hill's employs more than 150 veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists
2. Hill's offers the largest portfolio of premium products to meet your pet's special needs at every stage of life
3. Science Diet dry foods include clinically proven antioxidants to help promote a healthy immune system
4. Hill's has an ongoing commitment to helping shelter pets, as evidenced by its donation of over 100 million dollars' worth of food to over 1,100 shelters since 2002
5. Science Diet is veterinarians' #1 choice to feed their own pets

The truth is I can't say this dog food will be the answer to all my dogs problems, but so far it has been a great start to the road to recovery. The dogs enjoy it, they get excited when it's time to eat, and they seem to have an easier time chewing the small bites. I am happy with this product and hopefully in the future I will see the benefits of the nutrition. One bag might be too soon to tell. However I can tell you I will be purchasing a second bag!

Disclaimer: I received a BzzKit which included a free coupon for a bag of Hills Science Diet Small and Toy Breed dog food, and several coupons to pass out to my friends and family! All my opinions are 100% honest and my own (or ones of my dogs) ;)

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