Friday, April 30, 2010

Find out who your neighbors are...

Just wanted to give my readers a FYI about sexual predators. You should know who is living in your community. A sexual predator could be living next door. I am not telling you this to scare you, unfortunately it's reality. As a mom I feel it's my duty to know. Family Watchdog is a great site to utilize for this public information. Of course you want to think this could never happen to you, well I'm here to tell you it can. I myself am a victim of a sexual predator. He lives 2 miles away and is listed on this site. For the respect of my brother I will not post his profile since this is his father, my ex stepdad. I'm not saying sex offenders can't be rehabilitated, however at this point there is no regulation of personal choice, except incarceration. Family Watchdog is very simple to use, you type in your address and this site gives you a detailed map of sexual offenders in your community. The legend on the side tells you if the offense has been one against a child, rape, sexual battery or other. Click on the colored square and a profile will pop up with a picture, description of offense, alias and address. Check it out and protect you and your family. This happening to one child is too many.

Here are my reasons for caring! My angels Abby and Braden!


  1. Great info. Too many people overlook this type of thing, unless someone they know, or their own family has been effected.

  2. True, I heard the statistic is 1 out of every 3 of women have been sexually abused. That number is crazy.