Thursday, March 18, 2010

What would you do...?

I read a blog post that inspired me to share my feelings with you all! It's about Dumpster Diving over at Common Sense with Money. I know most people I talk about this with think I am crazy for even mentioning it! I find it strange myself that I am interested in this considering I am a germ freak, and don't practice the 5 second rule! I can't help it I find this idea very intriguing. Perfectly good food just thrown out...crazy! I am not above checking the recycling bins in my neighborhood to collect coupons. I figure how stupid to pay $2 for a paper when I can visit 4 or 5 bins and collect FREE coupons! I'm not sure about the laws on dumpster diving here in Oklahoma. When I searched this subject online I found many personal testimonies and even people on a waiting list for my area to dumpster dive as a group! If you want to get on the list or check your area for a group click here. I'm not sure if I will ever try this, maybe I am not gutsy enough. Let me know what you think!

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