Friday, March 26, 2010

B1G1 Free Blockbuster Movie Code!!!

Blockbuster Logo

Anyone up for a movie night? I am! While we are conserving our money, renting is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy a date night. Renting at Blockbuster Express is already cheap for $1 a night, but with this code you will get two movies for $1!!!!!!!!!!!

Coupon Code
Expires 3/31/2010
Go check out the new releases at Blockbuster Express!
There are several kiosk locations, my favorite is the Circle K on Kelley and 33rd. Check here for more locations in the Edmond area.
Enjoy everyone!!! I know I will be using this code to rent the Blindside because I am the only person left who hasn't seen it!

Disclosure: All my opinions are 100% my own, for writing this blog posts I am entered in a contest for a $250 Visa GC.


  1. My code is 185G13B for Buyonegetone! I am in a contest too!

  2. Yea, I read that, You are in one for an I-pad. Is it the same one I am in, but for a better prize? Anyway good luck!