Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting ready for a consignment sale!!!

Hi everyone, I have been so busy getting ready for the Just Between Friends consignment sale that I haven't been on the internet much lately. But I took a break to tell you about the JBF sale coming up!

If you are not familiar with consigning it is when you sell your gently used clothing. The way the JBF sale works is you price, tag and place your item in the sale. The Oklahoma City sale is at the state fairgrounds which is a very large location. I admit it takes a little bit of time to sort through your clothing, tag everything and iron it all. But the new tagging system they use is wonderful. You enter everything quick and easy then just print it out!
The fee for entering your items is $10 and 35%. This might seem like alot but a consignment sale is not a garage sale and you get to price your items 1/2 or 1/3 of the original price.
It is totally worth it! Last year I spent $300 at the sale for everything, including shoes, Christmas dresses, clothing and jackets! Then two weeks after the sale I made $300 for the clothing I entered and sold, so it is like I am just rolling over my money!
JBF is not only in Oklahoma check here to see if there is a sale near you!

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