Monday, March 22, 2010

Look what I bought for cheap!!!

Last week I told you I had been so busy getting ready to consign in the JBF sale, and it's finally here! I entered all my stuff, and now for the best part...I got to SHOP!!! I shopped, I shopped, and I shopped!!! Probably for about 4hrs, this sale is huge and it took me that long to get through everything! I wanted to show you the great stuff I bought just to convince you last few skeptics that this really is the way to go!
Picture312-1.jpg picture by punk221
Shirts anywhere from $2 - $4.50

Picture315.jpg picture by punk221
Skirts $4.00, Dress $5.50

Picture322.jpg picture by punk221
I bought this dress for Next Easter $12.00, I love it!
Swim floaty $6.00

Picture316.jpg picture by punk221
Shirts anywhere from $2 - $5
Shorts anywhere from $3 - $5

Picture317.jpg picture by punk221
First Outfit $10.00 (This is so cute I think it will be his 2nd birthday outfit)
Jersey outfit $3.00

Picture319-1.jpg picture by punk221
White Sandals $4.50, Black Shoes $5.00
Blue Sandals $3.00, Brown Shoes $6.00

All this for $113.00, 23 items total!

Check here to see if a Just Between Friends sale is coming to your town!


  1. Cute stuff. I miss those 75/100 ONW Qs... those were sweet. I need to get my daughter shoes soon. I will probably have to hit Striderite.

  2. Striderite is a great brand but soooo expensive!

    I miss those q's too, but luckily I used them last year to buy summer clothes for this year!

  3. Great Deals !

    Following You from MBC,
    when you get a chance
    ,could you follow me back ?


    Half Brazilian-Half Irish