Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainbow Brite Review


MomSelect and Hallmark recently gave me the chance to review a CD ROM with the newly revamped Rainbow Brite and friends!

As you know I have a 3yr old and a 20 mo old. We are just starting to dabble into the online computer games and activities. The experience of Rainbow Brite's world of games, songs and coloring was absolutely captivating for my 3yr old Abigail! She loved the bright colors and games! The matching game was her favorite and she did surprisingly well remembering where the characters "were hiding!"

My little guy Braden liked watching his sister play the games but quickly became frustrated her attention was not on him. Resulting in a run and slam the computer hoping to make her scream.

I asked a co-worker if her son would be interested in the New Rainbow Brite CD ROM and she said sure and took one from me. The next day she told me her son loved it. She described him deeply captivated by the colors and games. So there you go, Rainbow Brite is not only for girls, boys like her too!

If you would like to play these games with your children your in luck, all you have to do is click here to go straight to the games section on the Rainbow Brite website!RainbowBrite Games & Activities

I was provided with 10 CD ROMs, 1 for me and 9 to give away! I gave away 7 to my mommy friends and co-workers. Which leaves me with two left. Let me know if you live in the Edmond area and would like to come pick one up!

This product was provided. All opinions were honest and my own. No monetary gain was made from this post.

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