Friday, February 26, 2010

Update March 2nd! Crest ----2 packages free cookies! 2/26!

Buy 1 package of Oreo's and get TWO Cakesters for free!

Update March 2nd! Sent hubby to the store to get this deal again and it worked! The cashier asked him if he heard about this deal from somewhere and he said yes my wife sent me here and got this deal earlier in the week. She responded: "We have told the manager this rings up this way and they don't care, so everybody gets a really good deal, I guess."

Hi everyone, I went to Crest last night after work about 12:30 am, and they were having a special on Oreo's. The deal was buy any package of Oreo's and get a free Oreo Cakester. So I grabbed one package of regular Golden Oreo's and 2 packages of cakesters, thinking I would use a free coupon I had for one of the cakesters. When I went to check out the lady noticed when she rang it all up it only charged me for the regular Oreo's and took off both the cakesters. She called a manager over to see what was going on and she didn't know either and said to me "wow you got a really good deal." She gave me back my coupon to use another time. Anyway, I'm not sure if this deal is a glitch in the system, but it might be worth checking out. I tried a cakester today and it was heavenly!!! I am a big fan of the golden ones!

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