Monday, February 22, 2010

My weight loss journey!

I wanted to share these pictures with you to show you my weight loss journey. I lost 73 lbs in 4 months with a 3 week break in between. Included in these pictures is my Mom and Mother in law. We did this by using HCG, its a hormone you make while pregnant. I ordered mine over seas and mixed the medicine myself, but a friend recently found a more convenient and cheaper website to get this medicine called Rebekah's Pure Living, or Health Yourself. This diet is very intense with a 500 calorie diet, but I rarely felt hungry. The weight just fell off my body, I lost a pound or more every day! I have inspired countless others to start this diet with amazing results! I have nothing to gain from posting this except the joy and excitement of helping others. If I can do this I know anybody can. I really feel like I found myself again, and am a much happier and healthier person. Good luck and let me know if I can do anything to help you.

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I am not a Doctor, these are my opinions.


  1. Congratulation Beth on your weight loss thus far, great job!! We are pound to be changes lives of so many people. Thank you for spreading the word of good health! Rebekah

  2. Hey there, thanks for the shout out. I am doing the diet yet again.. hopefully this is my last time around.